Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a new kind of cat which was first introduced in the U.S.A and was made by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. The name of Bengal cat is from the Latin name of its wild ancestor, Felis Bengalensis (Asian Leopard Cat). The Bengal cat looks like the Asian Leopard cat, and that wild cat gave a contribution to the Bengal cat's genetic, however the Bengal cat has a wild genetic but the Bengal cat's temperament is purely domestic.

The main purpose in developing the Bengal cat was to maintain a strong and solid physical equality to its beautiful wild ancestor and at the same time it was planned to be a fun and trustworthy family pet. Therefore, the accordance of the Bengal cat is surely memorial of its ancestors.

We can see what a wonderful cat it is from Bengal Cat Wallpaper and Bengal Cat Video below.

The Bengal cat is a big, smooth and very stout cat with its hindquarters pretty higher than its shoulders. The Bengal cat has a thick tail that is carried low. The Bengal cat should be watchful and full of love and its wild form is perfected by its amazing spotted or marbled coat.

The Bengal cat is the only one breed which displays the gold or pearl dusting effect (glitter) of the Bengal. The Bengal cat has a lot of smooth feel of satin or silk in its peltry. The voice of the Bengal cat is not like other domestic cats. But They can coo and chirp, and like to jump and somersault. They also like playing with water!

There are currently several kinds of domestic cat being developed from the Bengal cat :
The Serengeti cat : crossing with Oriental Shorthair or Siamese with the aim to breed a domestic cat that has the appearance of an African Serval, without actually incorporating Serval genes by hybridization.
The Savannah : which does include serval genes.
The Toyger: crossing with domestic cats with the aim to make a striped "toy Tiger".
The Cheetoh: an attempt to mix two existing domestic breeds of spotted cats with defined characteristics (Bengal and Ocicat), into a third breed.

Bengal Cat Video

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